Thursday, September 1, 2011


Alexis's Body

She is Possessed by demon. 
Anyone know of a photo editing program that has background eraser? 
( i need it for editing )
I have used up both photoshop versions and Elements 9 trials :(

Lemme know what you think of her please. You dont need to be a blogger member to post ^_~



Sackgirl said...

Superp work. I also love your header picture :)

Jaedub said...


Anita said...

what an awesome sim!

You can use Gimp to get rid of the background (I think it's called the magic wand tool or something), it's free too.

Anonymous said...

Love it!
Have you tried It's free and pretty good, I think. I prefer photoshop, but before I bought ps, I used it and liked it.

Oliver Pickwick said...

Anita is right. He software is The Gimp. It is very light and free.

There are three ways to do it:
- select continuous regions (magic wand);
- select by color;
- foreground select (for me, the best).

Learn more here:

Therefore, if the background is inconvenient? Finish him with the Gimp.

Download here:

Good luck!

P.S.: Alexis is a very, very, very pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

I really like all of your sims on your blog but I wish that you would put pictures up of more of their outfits!

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