Sunday, September 4, 2011



Gabby won a Sim Choice Award for Best New Artist.
This sim is my entree for a little contest my friend is having on the Forums. 
 I'll link you to  the contest, if you want to enter! Great prizes!
Make sure to leave your thoughts on this Sim! XD

Make sure to extract the simfile also.

Hair by Anubis360


Jaedub said...

Love your presentation,Sim is beautiful,as always :) What eyes are you using??I love them <3

Shyne said...

She has like... a PERFECT face O.o

Vin Sims said...

Eyes are the default EA eyes. o3o

Anonymous said...

omg its me lucy and vin your amazing. i only have 4 sims so far and omg :D i dont have an account here

Anonymous said...

thanks again vin for supporting me :D i want to get as much entries

Anonymous said...

if I'm dress her in CAS she got black skin ..

which skin is necessary for Gabby?

Smilla said...

I love her ♥ Mostly her lips *-*

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