Saturday, August 27, 2011

Candy Caramelldansen

Candy Caramelldansen

 ~ A Pray For japan Sim ~
Even though im a little late. *please comment.
Both sims3pack and simfile~ 。≧ω≦。~

The Panda Resembles Japan and the heart resembles the love we give them. <3



Anonymous said...

I love her to death! She's my dream sim! Wow! Thank you very much dear! I'm downloading her right now! Hope to see alot more of your gorgeous sims! Peace and love!

Jaedub said...

Beautiful as always! Gambatte!

Oliver Pickwick said...

Congratulations, Vin! Their babies are a place beyond the rainbow. Keep up the good work.

All the best!

Vin Sims said...

What babies? o3o

Oliver Pickwick said...

The sims girls! Kiwi, Veronica, Fiona, Candy Caramelldansen...
Have a great begining of week!

Vin Sims said...

:) haha okay thanks

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